Sing2Earn PoW

Gameplay Elements

Solo Mode
After completion of the song, user will receive the following rewards which are equal to the points earned:
  • 90 - 95 points: 20 K2E
  • 95 - 99 points: 30 K2E
  • 100 points: 50 K2E
It takes 10 to 20 energy to finish a song. When the energy is at its maximum, the number of received points is as above, this point will be gradually reduced if the energy decreases in %

Duet mode

Similar to the solo mode, the number of achieved points at the highest level of energy of the duet mode is as below:
  • 90 - 95 points: 25 K2E
  • 95 - 99 points: 35 K2E
  • 100 points: 55 K2E

NFT Micro

Micros are operated with battery, after a period of use, users must change the battery every 3 months to avoid interruption. Each micro contains 100 energy, which will decrease after each singing. Users need GEM to power up, this action is also known as a mission of micro repair and upgrade.
  • Silver Micro
  • Gold Micro
  • Platinum Micro
  • Diamond Micro

Mystery box

Mystery Box is a loot box that is randomly dropped while you are performing your songs or can be bought in the Marketplace.
Mystery Box has a full range of NFT micros with different rarities and features.

“Sing to earn” reward

  • Rewards are earned after completing tasks - The harder the tasks are, the higher the rewards are
  • Users who reach the top of days, weeks, months, quarters, and years will have a chance to receive rare NFT Micros
  • Lucky Spin: Users will be awarded 1 lucky spin upon completion of the day's mission
  • Energy system